Health and Safety

This is a ‘citizen science’ project and bears no responsibility for any access or health and safety issues that may arise during your participation and we are not responsible for issues of access to sites and/or your health and safety as a contributor. By contributing to this project you are acknowledging that access and health and safety are your responsibility.

Before setting out it is worth consulting online sources for advice on local conditions and any other appropriate measures to ensure your safety.


Access to Sites

If sites are discussed on this site it does not imply right of access. You will need to check the legal status of aerial photography and operation of UAV’s in the area of the site. It is your responsibility to establish permission for access to a site; please do this before entering. If a site is not obviously on public land, or has a public right of way, then you should establish who the landowner is and get permission to visit. Note that legal requirements vary from place to plave. Some sites have mixed access, both public and private. Do not climb over fences or gates; only use obvious entrances. Abusing access is likely to annoy the landowner and may make the visiting of sites more difficult for the rest of us – so please be sure. 

If you submit aerial photography to then it is assumed that you have read the following guides:

UK Drone regulations:

UK CAA Advice:


Health and Safety

It is your responsibility to take health and safety precautions when visiting sites. Ramparts and ditches can be steep, muddy and dangerous underfoot especially when carrying a drone! Take extra clothing, food, water and a hot drink in case you are out for longer than you initially expected. Never underestimate the variability of the weather, especially in remote sites.

Pre-flight tips:



Please contribute site footage even if there is already content on the site – video/photography shot in different weather conditions and at different times of the year will add to the information about any site. If we reach a point where we have way too much stuff, then we’ll put a note on the site page to that effect.