All of the 4,147 Hill Forts in Britain and Ireland!

Dotted across the landscape of Britain and Ireland, hillforts have been part of our story for millennia and for the first time a new online atlas captures all of their locations and key details in one place.

A research team based at the universities of Oxford, Edinburgh and University College Cork has been helped by citizen scientists from across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Ireland.

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), they have spent the last five-years sifting and recording information on all the hillforts across Britain and Ireland. They have discovered there are 4,147 hillforts in total, and have collated details for every one into one map.*

The interactive map is here. Also available as a hardback book.

The map below is from Historic England and shows many of the most prominent Hillforts:

Below is a database of all 4,147 Hillforts!

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Atlas of the Hillforts of Britain and Ireland

Gary LockIan B. M. Ralston

Atlas of Hillforts book cover

© 2022 Edinburgh University Press.

The hillforts of five countries thoroughly mapped, described and explained

  • Comprehensive coverage of sites across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
  • Includes 308 illustrations and 70 tables
  • 496 pages

This book provides the first comprehensive series of maps of the hillforts of Britain and Ireland, with accompanying commentaries and broader overviews which interpret the survival and detection of this evidence in its later prehistoric and early historic contexts. The authors expertly assess and analyse the available evidence for over 4,000 hillforts from Shetland to Cornwall to County Clare to a single standard and present their findings in both map and descriptive form.

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