Clackmannan Tower

Clackmannan Tower Clackmannanshire, Scotland. Clackmannan Tower is a five-storey tower house, situated at the summit of King's Seat Hill in Clackmannan, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. It dates back to at least the 14th century, when it was inhabited by King David II of Scotland, and David is recorded as selling it to his cousin Robert Bruce

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Castle Stalker

Castle Stalker Loch Laich, Scotland. Castle Stalker is a four-storey tower house or keep. It is set on a tidal islet on Loch Laich, an inlet off Loch Linnhe. Castle Stalker is about 1 1⁄2 miles (2.5 kilometres) north-east of Port Appin, Argyll, Scotland about midway between Oban and Glen Coe. The islet is accessible with difficulty from the shore at

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Dunstaffange Castle and Chapel

Dunstaffange Castle Near Oban, Scotland. Dunstaffange Castle was the mighty stronghold of the ‘Kings of the Isles’ where Jacobite heroine Flora MacDonald was believed to have been held in prisoner. On an immense rock overlooking the Firth of Lorn near Oban stands the remains of one of the oldest stone castles in Scotland and

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