Waylands Smithy

Waylands SmithyAshbury, Oxfordshire, England.Wayland’s Smithy is a Neolithic tomb on the Ridgeway in south Oxfordshire. The first monument (constructed 3590 and 3555 BC), was a mortuary of wood and stone. There is a paved path built of sarsen stone slabs. On this pathway was placed a wooden box, in which people were buried.When excavated in 1963,

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Avebury Avebury, England. Extract from The Telegraph [article in full here] It is one of the greatest marvels of prehistoric Britain, the largest stone circle in Europe and a sacred meeting place for our ancestors which may even be aligned with the stars. Avebury Circuit: But a new archaeological survey at in Wiltshire suggests the

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Stonehenge Stonehenge, Salisbury England. Stonehenge, is a prehistoric monument that took approximately 1,500 years to create. It is comprised of about 100 huge upright stones arranged in a circle. Most experts believe that Stonehenge was a burial site. But they have not yet discovered how the massive stone structures were built using the technology available

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