Longridge Woods

EN3530 Longridge Woods, Lydford, Devon

Longridge Woods includes an Iron age univallate hillfort with internal medieval structures. It is situated on the top of a steep slope overlooking the valley of the River Lyd to the south and a further steep valley to the north.

The hillfort is surrounded by dense forest and the site itself mostly covered in bracken. The fort itself survives as a rectangular enclosure defined by a rampart and outer ditch, with medieval structures within which attest to subsequent reuse.

The enclosed area measures 66.5m long from north to south by 62m wide from east to west. The outer ditch which surrounds the monument on three sides measures up to 5.2m wide and 1.1m deep.

To the north this ditch is replaced by a steep natural scarp. The rampart measures up to 9m wide at the base and up to 1.4m high internally.

To the south an outer bank is also apparent above a very steep natural slope, this measures up to 1.4m wide and 0.3m high. The whole enclosure slopes gently to the north. There is an apparent entrance on the eastern side.

Within the hillfort are a range of medieval structures. Central to the area is a longhouse which measures internally 29.3m long, 6.3m wide and is defined by low banks which measure up to 1.2m wide and 0.4m high. Surrounding this, on all but the southern side, are a series of circular and oval pits and depressions, as well as a two celled building and a square structure, representing further traces of the sites’s medieval occupation..

Dates: Unknown
Access: Accessible to the public
Size: 66.5m long from north to south by 62m
Pilot/photographer:  Steve Larcombe
UAV Kit: Mavic Pro with iPad Mini 4
Submitted:  15-10-18

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Longridge Woods Plan view

Archaeologists Notes:*

EN3530 Longridge Woods, Lydford, Devon
HER: Devon MDV1666
NMR: SX 48 SE 9
SM: 1018518
NGR: SX49718385
Status: Confirmed
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Summary: Univallate hillslope fort located on top of steep slope of E-W ridge overlooking valley of River Lyd to S and steep stream valleys to N. Very steep surrounding slopes to river, moderate to strong and steep elsewhere. Site slopes gently to N. Medieval structures within. Rectangular shape measuring c, 66m N-S by 62m with internal area c. 0.4ha. Defined by rampart, c. 9m wide and to 1.4m high internally, and outer ditch c. 5.2m wide and 1.1m deep apart from N where natural scarp. Outer bank on S to 1.4m wide and 0.3m high. Possible E entrance. Evidence of medieval longhouse nearly 30m long in interior; also pits, two-celled building and square structure. Located above rich alluvial tin deposit. Part-cleared area within South Longridge Woods, Lydford Forest. Well-preserved. Minimal investigations, undated.

*Extract from Oxford University Atlas of Hillforts 

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